Coalition Growth And Development

A standing, inclusive civil society coalition is an essential building block of an effective national child rights governance system. We have therefore prioritised building the coalition as a sustainable, representative, standing structure that facilitates meaningful communication and advocacy to influence outcomes for children in South Africa.


To become an inclusive, broad-based civil society coalition that is an effective advocacy body with the resources, capacity, and institutional arrangements to support the fulfiment of its functions.


  1. To facilitate the democratic and transparent governance and efficient management of the coalition
  2. Grow the coalition as a broad-based, representative child rights organisation
  3. Ensure a well-informed, engaged civil society coalition
  4. Development of our member’s advocacy capacity

Strategic Interventions

The SANCRC will engage in the following strategic activities to advance its objectives:

  1. Formalizing, finalising and updating the coalition’s governance, institutional, organisational and resourcing arrangements and supporting documents
  2. Facilitating regular meetings of organisational structures, including annual strategic planning sessions and general meetings, quarterly meetings of the steering committee, and regular executive management meetings
  3. Recruitment of organisations across sectors, regions and child-led organisations and management of the membership data base
  4. Development and maintenance of a coalition communications strategy and platform to ensure a well-informed, engaged civil society coalition
  5. Membership capacity building for monitoring, reporting, and advocacy including:
    1. Development of advocacy capacity of members on child rights governance
    2. Development of capacity for budget advocacy
    3. Development of capacity for monitoring and participation in treaty and development reporting, processes, and follow-up advocacy across the governance continuum.