The South African National Child Rights Coalition (SANCRC) has been established to provide an effective platform for coordinated, collective advocacy by like-minded civil society organisations and activists to advance the realisation of children’s rights.

Purpose & Approach

Coalition members work together to advocate for a stronger system of child rights governance, an effective national child care and protection system, and improved availability of quality services and support to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to, and develop to their full potential.


Our members include a wide range of civil society organisations, including child-led organisations and activists who all share the same goal: improving the realisation of children’s rights, not just to survive, but also be protected, develop to their full potential and participate in decisions that affect them.


The coalition is led by a representative steering committee, thematic working group chairs, a small executive management team, and is supported by a secretariat that is responsible for all logistical arrangements.

How To Join

It is easy to join. Any civil society organisation or individual that shares the same goal as our members and would like to collaborate for effective change simply needs to complete and submit a membership application form.

Join Us

Joining is easy if you are a member of civil society, share the coalition goals, commit to be an active and engaged member and sign the code of conduct and statement of commitment.